Von Judith: wwwe Sports Support launches the new website of Brink/Reckermann

Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann, London’s Beach volleyball Olympic champions 2012, have presented themselves through a newly designed website on the internet. After Reckermann anounced the end of his sports career in the beginning of the year niether sportsmen actively appear as a team anymore. Off the field however, both still see themselves doing mutual appointments together. Instead of just announcing tournaments and sporty aims online as previously, their new website www.brinkreckermann.de focuses on history and chronicle of the team and a complete review on their success. The wwwe Sports Support, the media partner of the most successful German Beach volleyball player of all times since 2009, is responsible for the launch of the new website.
The new website presents itself with a very modern and richly illustrated design. The eyecatcher on the homepage is the giant-size photo of their biggest success, the Olympia’s victory in 2012 in London. The other prominent sports achievements and big moments of this Beach volleyball team are clearly presented in a time strip. Web designers at wwwe have programmed the new website „responsively“. The appearance of the content, navigation and multimedia offers, adapt itself automatically to the various different screen resolutions of the devices used: e.g. tablets, smartphones or notebooks. Over a discreet menu the visitors can easily find further information about the vita of the sportsmen who released a true Beach volleyball boom in Germany. The „business corner“ on the new website plays an important role as well. Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann inform their visitors here how they communicate the knowledge they gained as professionals in the sport. Beside training camps for amateur sportsmen and promising talents both sportsmen are also available for speaking events. Moreover, they communicate the of prime reasons for their success to guarantors from the professional sport, like preparedness for duty and teamwork, in the working sphere of an enterprise. The press area offers photos and a detailed overview of their success. Fans can easily access contact data on the website in order for them to send out autograph requests.
During the previous four years the team Brink/Reckermann have been very successful on the national and international level. Their biggest sports achievement was the gold medal at the Summer Olympics in 2012 in London which turned them into German sports heroes. The teams neither from US nor Brasil, ever triumphed before at the Olympics in the sport of Beach volleyball. Further titles have been collected by Brink/ Reckermann in several world championships and European championships. In the beginning of 2013 Jonas Reckermann had to announce the end of his career for health reasons. As of the past few months Julius Brink has continued his with his new partner, Sebastian Fuchs. Meanwhile Jonas Reckermann devotes himself to his activity as a Beach volleyball expert for the TV channel Sky. Together both appear regurlarly at fan events and autograph sessions. Also in future they want to remain, as shown at their new website, the stars to rub shoulder with.

With the launch of the new website wwwe Sports Support continues the long-standing, successful cooperation with Brink and Reckermann. As with the duo Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst which have recently become German masters in Timmendorfer beach, the Sports Support sponsors another internationally and nationwide successful Beach volleyball team. For them and for other sportsmen, for example for the gymnastic star Fabian Hambüchen or ski ace Anna Fenninger, the wwwe Sports Support created a tailor-made web presence already.

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